the objective 

Based on the principles of the 'European Federalist Papers' (2013) and the book 'Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity' (2019), we will start three subprojects:

  • The BENELUX sub-project: to unite the EU countries Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in a federation that will then become a member of the European Union. 
  • The Eastern Europe sub-project: to unite the EU countries Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Rumania, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in a federation that will then join the European Union as a member.
  • Organizing a Convention of representatives of European countries to establish a Constitution for Europe, followed by a process of ratification by all citizens of the participating nations. The draft Federal Constitution, to be found in the book 'Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity', is the basis for the Convention's Operations.


state of play

These three subprojects are currently under consideration. 


our team

Leo Klinkers, Chairman FAEF

Leo Klinkers, PhD, is consultant in public administration, with a background in constitutional law. As co-founder of the Dutch Association of Public Administration and as member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS, Brussels) and co-founder of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA, Brussels) he contributed to establishing schools of public administration in vocational and academic institutes. He left the State University of Utrecht in 1983 to continue his career as independent consultant for Governments and NGO’s in a variety of countries. He is co-author of the European Federalist Papers 

Mauro Casarotto, Secretary FAEF

Mauro Casarotto graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations at Padova University, presenting a thesis about the reform of the United Nations.

It appears to him that only an open and united society, no more divided by boundaries, but respectful of our different cultures and traditions, will allow our Europe to be free and prosperous.

Peter Hovens, Treasurer FAEF

Peter Hovens is consultant in public administration. He has studied at the university of Twente. After 17 years of working as a civil servant at the municipality of Maastricht he started his own consultancy office. In this period he also was several years employed as alderman in two different municipalities. For more than 40 years he is active in several non-profit organisations in culture, sports en politics. Peter is an expert on demographic changes.

Lorenzo Sparviero, Board Member FAEF

Lorenzo graduated in Economics and Business.

After retiring Lorenzo started activities and experiences in the area of volunteering: assistance (Caritas) and adult education (Associazione Culturale Nova Cana). In July 2015 - concerned about the ‘emergencies that put at risk the very unity of the Europe for the rising tide of populism - he decided to start the web page "Stati Uniti d'Europa entro il 2020", which reached in a short time 900 followers. Few months later, "United States of Europe now!" was funded as a merge with two other pro Europe web pages.

Michel Caillouët, Board Member FAEF

After studying economics (master in economics, Panthéon Paris) and a few years at the Caisse des Depots et Consignation, France ) Michel Caillouët joined the European Commission in 1975, which he left in 2007. 

After his departure of the European Commission, Michel has become a very active member of the European Movement, and the UEF in Paca, South-East of France.



On February 10, 2020, we start the Crowdfunding Campaign. You're welcome to support our project by donating money. 

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