​our ​teams

For each project a team is composed of:

  • ​a selection of members of federalist movements who are members of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF, www.faef.eu) and who are personally committed to achieving the Foundation's goal;
  • ​members from groups associated with a specific project;
  • ​a person from the group in question will be in charge of the project.

A member of the board of the Foundation will supervise the project.

In order to promote successful projects, the leaders of the project teams ​form a partnership.



The Foundation organises an annual crowdfunding campaign for the funding of the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation can set up such an action per project for the financial support of projects.



​training in federation

An online course in elementary federalism is provided by the Federal Alliance of European Federalists in cooperation with Coöperatie SamenWereld.

Members of project teams within the framework of the Foundation are, if necessary and possible, additionally trained at the Federalism School of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists in Milan. This training has the character of learning by doing.

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