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Federal state formation is a unique tool for resolving conflicts between peoples and states to create lasting peace. Only where federations were established on the basis of misapplication of the standards of federalism some federations collapsed.

The Federalism for Peace Foundation can support and guide them in this process. With its knowledge in the field of federal state organization and with the implementation of projects to help peoples and states resolve conflicts through federalization, it also supports the peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding goals of the United Nations.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. It works independently, on the basis of scientific insights and is not affiliated with any political movement or action group. Contacts with political groups and/or action groups only take place if they are functional in the context of the project-based approach to the possible federalisation of a conflict area.



​Leo Klinkers, PhD, is consultant in public administration, with a background in constitutional law. As co-founder of the Dutch Association of Public Administration and as member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS, Brussels) and co-founder of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA, Brussels) he contributed to establishing schools of public administration in vocational and academic institutes. He left the State University of Utrecht in 1983 to continue his career as independent consultant for Governments and NGO’s in a variety of countries. He is co-author of the European Federalist Papers, co-founder and President of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists and author of Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity about the standards of federalism.





Peter Hovens is consultant in public administration. He has studied at the university of Twente. After 17 years of working as a civil servant at the municipality of Maastricht he started his own consultancy office. In this period he was also several years employed as alderman in two different municipalities. For more than 40 years he is active in several non-profit organisations in culture, sports en politics. Peter is an expert on demographic changes.

He is currently writing a book about Policy and Society. He is co-founder of the Coöperation SamenWereld and co-founder of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists.



​international contacts

​Emile van Essen, Founding Chair of World Sustainability Fund studied Architecture, Super Study, Business Economics, Export, Integrated Medicine, and more. In 1990 he invented Bronning, a philosophy about gathering sources of circular live in our surrounding and sampled it for sustainable architecture (national center VIBA-Expo), health/care (VIPCure) and macro-economics (160% Wealth). From his early years he is active in space-time auditing and exploration based on several studies. Van Essen services United Nations OOSA, UNFCCC, UNEP (Accreditation 489), NATO, WFM, and WFBN. Lately he is involved in the SDG Agenda, G5 Sahel, time banking, sea level rising, and primary water solutions, for disaster risk reduction.



our teams

The project teams for each project are staffed by the following persons:

  • a selection of members of federalist movements who are members of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF, www.faef.eu) and who are personally committed to achieving the Foundation's goal; 
  • members from groups associated with a specific project;
  • a person from the group in question will be in charge of the project;
  • a member of the board of the Foundation will supervise the project.


In order to promote successful projects, the leaders of the several project teams form a partnership.

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