Federalism can solve conflicts between nations and peoples


What is federalism?

Federalism is a form of state formation in which the individual parts (countries/regions) have a high degree of sovereignty.

As a result, citizens themselves can influence the preservation of values to which they attach great importance.

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​our foundation

The foundation is an initiative of Leo Klinkers and Peter Hovens taken on 21 September 2019, International Day of Peace.
On 19 February 2020 the Statutes were officially adopted; Emile van Essen joined the board. 

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​our ​mission

​Conflicts between peoples and states can often be traced back to attacks on sovereignty. Federalism offers a solution to respect sovereignty in areas that affect people emotionally, on the one hand, and to cooperate on interests that transcend national borders, on the other. Federalism solves conflicts and ensures lasting peace.

Federalism has proved to be a unique instrument to resolve conflicts and creating peace. That is why already 40% of the world population is living in 27 federations. 

Our Mission is: by 2023 more than 50% of the world population is living in 27+ federations. 


​our projects

Peoples within states that are in conflict with each other and understand that federal state formation can resolve their conflicts with the goal of peaceful coexistence can turn to the Foundation for support. The same applies to states that recognize that federalism in the 21st century is the answer to global issues that individual states can no longer resolve on their own.

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​our ​strategy

We always start projects based on popular demand. We subject the question to an administrative analysis, which should make it clear that federalism leads to a sustainable solution. The team that gets to work is manned by the population. The costs of each project are borne by the population itself.



our cooperation

The Foundation works closely with the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF)

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